CyberBullying Awareness!

Mrs. Garay


Cyberbulling is an act of hurting or harming via electronic communication tools, including the internet, cellphone, or other communication devices.

Cyberbulling can happen using emails, text messaging, and social media such as facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

As you know, bullying behaviors occur off school grounds and outside of school hours, and to some degree our hands are tied in dealing with those situations, but we still want to be part of the solution.

Lets be a Team

As a teacher I understand the importance of a partnership with you. I urge you to take time to speak about this very important issue with your children so they can be clear that bullying others is not at all innocent behavior and that it can have devastating consequences to both its perpetrators and victims. Please discuss what it means to be a bystander, and empower them to take a stand when witnessing cruel behaviors. Ifyour child is being infected by cyberbullying please reach out to me.

Please watch the video below.

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Application of Technology In Education

Marjorie Garay

May 2016

Cyber Bullying Virus
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