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Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

Pre-Registration for 4K

If you have a child that will be 4 years old by September 1, 2020, please fill out our online Pre-Registration form to confirm your child's enrollment in our 4K program.

School at Home - Homeroom Spotlight

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Specials Corner

Cadott Families -

Your Specials teachers have been thinking about you and missing you! Music, Art, and Phy Ed skills are great tools to use when you need a break from everything else! Please remember that you have lots of fun enrichment activities to try. Pick what looks the most interesting and keep practicing your rhythm, creativity and movement.

We hope that you are enjoying the opportunities we’re providing. Please keep sending us pictures of your artwork, movement, and performances.

I know that one of your favorite ways to be active in Mr. Yeager’s PE class is to run obstacle courses. I want you to create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course this week. I have a chalk challenge course I’m sharing as an example. Be creative and have fun! You’ll also see a second “Day of movement” example. If you missed any of the past activities you can always look back by using the “Previous Weeks-Quick Link.”

Mrs. Grossinger recorded a video showing how you can build some percussion instruments from things you can find around home. Be creative and send me a picture or recording of the instruments you created! Maybe you can make a family band out of homemade instruments. How fun - and noisy!! Keep on making music and sharing joy with those around you!!

This week in Mrs. Palmer’s art video we’re making splatter monsters! If you don’t have the same materials try using something different. Most importantly, just get your creative brain working!

Don’t forget these activities will help you stay healthy and focused. They will help you to do better in all subjects you’re studying. We look forward to continued interactions with you. Seeing pictures of you being active and having fun brings us a lot of joy. Remember to stay respectful, humble, and empathetic each and every day!

What have our students been up to?

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Short Mindfulness videos with Mrs. Cheyenne Hei

Counselor's Connection

Use this parenting program! It worked for me.

In last week's Counselor's Connection you found short video links giving you a taste of the easy-to-learn and use parenting program, "1-2-3 Magic". The benefits of 1-2-3 Magic include:

  • One Explanation
  • No Talking. No Emotion.
  • Authority Non-negotiable
Discipline Short & Sweet To learn more, click the link below. For answers to common questions about the program, check out Youtube and search, "Ask Dr. Phelan". This parenting program is super easy to learn and to use, and if used correctly, it really works!

It worked for me and my husband when parenting and raising our children!

1-2-3 Magic: Part 1 - Straight Thinking/Part 2 - The 1-2-3

For a Free PDF Download of Dr. Phelan's book, click the link below:


Nurses Notes

April is Alcohol Awareness Month Start talking with kids about alcohol #smalltalks

“Underage drinking is a real problem in Wisconsin, and it starts earlier and can be more dangerous than you might think. But parents, loved ones, and other caring adults can make a real difference,” said DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm. “Research shows that adults are the most powerful influence on a kid’s choices about underage drinking. All you have to do is talk. There’s no big production necessary. You can have a small talk anytime, anywhere.”

Many of these everyday opportunities to have a small talk are happening right now during the time spent at home. Small talks can happen while watching a TV show, playing video games, and listening to music. Help a kid sort out what they see on TV, hear from friends, and hear from their favorite bands before someone hands them a drink.

Despite recent success reducing underage drinking, there is an ongoing need to prevent it. According to recent surveys, in Wisconsin:

  • Sixty-five percent of teens have tried alcohol.
  • Nearly 42,000 high school students report trying alcohol by age 13.
  • Two out of three teens don't see underage drinking as a risk.

Underage drinking is risky. When youth drink alcohol, they can damage and even block the development of healthy pathways in the brain that shape how kids behave, feel, grow, and learn. Damage like that can have lifelong emotional, physical, and social consequences.

Visit the Small Talks campaign website – SmallTalksWI.org – for underage drinking talk facts and tips. Share your small talk moments on social media using #SmallTalksWI.

People struggling with harmful alcohol use, or whose loved ones are struggling, can call the Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline at 833-944-4673. This free and confidential service is staffed by trained specialists who offer information on local treatment services.

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Psych Bites from Ms. Williams

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We will miss you this year, But are excited to see you next year!