99 The Wayne Gretzky Story

by, Al Strachan assisted by Wayne Gretzky

Early career

  1. Wayne Gretzky (GRET-SKEE) is an all time great to the NHL (National Hockey League). He set countless records from points scored in a season , to most consecutive trophies won at an NHL honors ceremony. He had played probably his best hockey in Edmonton with the Oilers, but he left his legacy in every city he played for, he revolutionized the game of hockey. You can compare Gretzky to players such as: Bobby Orr, Cam Neely, or Sidney Crosby, but in contrast none of them did the same thing for so many teams.


Wayne Gretzky proved his greatness playing for so many teams, it didn't matter if he was wearing blue, orange, or black, you just knew Gretzky was going too have a game and a half, other teams BEWARE! Gretzky could DEKE out of his mind the guy was a truck. The way Gretzky played, has inspired others to follow in his footsteps. If I could be one player I would definitely choose him.
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