By: Parker Rice, Jordan Chambers, and Devon Veach

About Grasslands

One fifth of the Earths surface is covered with grass. Some of those grasslands are in low latitudes which have dry seasons. That's where tropical grasslands called savannas are found. The grasses in savannas are coarse and grows fast. Grasslands are found on every continent.

Endangered Species

Human Impacts

How Humans Have Impacted Grasslands

Grasslands are disappearing due to dividing up the land for farming and urban development. Dividing up the land for farming is bad because the animals of the grasslands don't have any way to move around.

25% of grasslands have disappeared because of people building power plants, cities, schools, roads, permanent homes.

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Climate In Grasslands

The summers are hot and the winters are cold. In the summer the temperature can get higher than 100 degrees. Rain usually comes about late spring and early summer. They get about 20-35 inches a year but most of it is snow from the winter.

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