Glacier National Park

A national park comprised of absolute beauty!

Glacier National Park, one of the most exciting parks in America!

Glacier National Park's many facts will just put you in astonishment as you learn them. Glacier is a national park loved by many. It is loved because of it's beauty. There are many more features to Glacier National Park but you'll learn them later on.

Glacier National Park

Glacier is said to be a very interesting park by a lot of people. This park has lived up to it's "Crown of the Continent" name for it's beautiful lakes, mountains, forests, and meadows will amaze you! Glacier National park is 1,012,837 acres. (1,583 square miles) That means 1,012,837 acres of hiking, boat tours, camping, and many more activities to do! Glacier also has a lot of wildlife within the park. For example, 272 types of birds have been recorded, 24 different fish species, and 68 species of other animals! That's a lot of wildlife!

Glacier National Park has a lake named Lake McDonald!

Glacier's History

Glacier became a national park when George Grinnel came to realize that he adored the park's beauty and decided to make it a national park so everyone could see Glacier's wonderful features. 1910 was the year George founded Glacier National Park. Now, you may be wondering "Why is this park called Glacier National Park?" Well, it's because a very, very long time ago, the landscape was sculpted by many glaciers. Scientists have found that the glaciers that are there today, are beginning to melt. Even when all the glaciers melt in the park, GNP will still keep it's name. I bet the name "Crown of the Continent" will stick, too!

Glacier's Location

Glacier is in Montana, crossing into Canada, but not by much. The weather there is usually highly variable and may sometimes be extreme. But even though the weather conditions may not exactly be the best, still about 2 million people visit Glacier National Park a year! That's a lot of people! And a lot of kids stonewalling doing their homework to go!

So, as you can see, Glacier is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and astounding parks loved by many!