Fenway Fever

By John Ritter


The theme of the story, Fenway Fever, is "If you work hard and never give up, you can accomplish your goals."


An example of characterization from the book, Fenway Fever, is "Nobody knows Fenway Park better than Alfredo, who spends half his life gathering stats." Another example is "Alfredo 'Stats' Pagano is a statistical whiz kid who knows everything about baseball. These examples are characterization, because they describe what kind of person Alfredo is.


I chose this example of dialogue from the story, Fenway Fever, because it has characterization. It shows that Alfredo really likes to know what is going on with the Boston Red Sox, and that he gathers every single statistic that you could ever know.

Figurative Language

One example of figurative language from the story, Fenway Fever, is "Banners flapped from the bridges," which is personification. Another example is "there crept the foreshadows of calamity," which is also personification, and it creates suspense.