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Happy Labor Day

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Principals Message

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Thank You!!

Thank you all for "Leaning-In" with our students this past week. As I have met with students and families regarding our expectations the following are a few statements of feedback:
  • "This is Jeff- this won't last"
  • "90% of students smoke weed here, stop tripping, this is Jeff"
  • "You've worked in those white schools too long, this is Jeff we are black here"
  • "I don't know why you care so much about attendance, nobody else here cares like that"

I could list more of these comments from students and parents. I listed those because I want to reiterate

  • We will be consistent
  • We will continue to interrupt behaviors non conducive to our school environment
  • Jefferson students should have the same high expectations as all students and we will continue to tell students through our "discipline", which means to teach!

Again, I thank all of you for supporting students in your classrooms and supporting our school culture!


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  • Labor Day


  • B day (no staff meeting, remember your yearly trainings are due in Pepper 10/31)


  • A Day
  • Class Meetings(more information below)


  • B Day


  • All 8 Day-Fire Drill 9:30(more information-routes, etc- coming by Wednesday)

Teacher Hack

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What is a Teacher Hack- Mr. Kulak

In the interest of learning from each other, Mr. Shelton is planning to highlight teacher practice, tips, techniques, and strategies that you developed, implemented, or are hoping to try. Can you share one thing you did last year that you think might help a colleague if they were to try it? This could be a teaching move you made / a resource that shifted your practice / a social-emotional learning strategy that helped / a self-care technique that helped keep you grounded and connected…(use the back if you need more space to write and give to Andy Kulak when you’re done)


This TikTok video offers a teacher’s take on the differences between participation and engagement - attributed to Prof. Mark Sampson at Davidson College and posted by @miriam_tinny. The original tweet thread (and TikTok comment section) further the discussion.

Class Meetings

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Suggested Time and Framework

After speaking with the Admin Team it came up that we should explain the "Why" to our scholars for the increased supports in the hallways. In order to sustain the culture we need in the school we need our scholars to be on board. The following is what we would like to cover:
  • The reason" why" it was decide to lower the lunch time by 5 min (instructional hours-district decision)
  • The "why" for the extra focus on attendance and maintaining students in the classroom
  • The "why" of holding high expectations throughout the "School of Champions"
  • We want to also offer a time for Q & A


  • A Day Schedule
  • 1st Period- 9th & 10th Grade
  • Time: 9:10-10:00
  • 3rd Period- 11th & 12th Grade
  • Time: 10:40- 11:40
  • Location- Small Gym

If this schedule will cause a hardship for what you have planned in class please email me by mid-day Tuesday.

I will send a final confirmation by mid-day Tuesday, confirming our schedule.

Teachers will need to walk their classes to the small gym and sit your class, as we discuss the above topics.

Thanks for the flexibility, if we can pull this off


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Please Read

Mr. Causey (Dean of Students) or an Admin (Garin, Khandice, Drake)

Will send an email stating:

Please Do Not Admit _______ Once this students meets with an Admin or Dean of Students you will see a follow-up to admit.

Email- Subject Line:

DO NOT ADMIT- students initials

Why Do Not Admit?

May be:
  • Admin Follow-up
  • Dean Follow-up
  • Community Partner need
  • Etc, Etc

Please reach out to an Admin if you have any questions

Only Teachers of the students will receive the email of their student

Back To School Night

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Back To School- September 14th!!!

We will have an In-Person Back To School Night!!!


Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Welcome: Auditorium

Agenda: We will have teachers in departments spread throughout B Floor. The schedule and room assignments will be shared this week

What You Should Prepare: Each Department will be in a classroom and providing an "elevator" speech regarding your department, class, etc.Each should cover the following:

  • Sequence of offerings within the department- 9th-12th, or...
  • When scholars leave your department as 12th graders your hope is that they have gained X-Skills
  • Contact information for each of you for parents
  • Each rotation/session will last 15min

More information to come

Front Office

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Please Read Carefully

Snack TimePlease fill out this Demo Staff Snack Survey (

Please do not send your students to the office to get additional orange passes. If you need passes, please email

Quizlet Renewal: Please let if you are planning to use Quizlet this year so that he knows how many licenses to renew.

Student Password Resets in order to keep students in classrooms, please do a refresher and bookmark the info on how to reset a student password with a student. Keep in mind passwords need to be 16 characters. We often change them to something like frantzjefferson2022

For Teaching staff who have rostered classes in Synergy can follow these steps:

For non teaching staff who do not have a rostered class in Synergy and have access to the Student Password Reset Tool follow these steps:

Counselor Corner

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Restorative Justice Link

Link- Please remember to fill this out!!
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Demo Resource Folder

EL Scholar, SEI and Latino Network caseloads are being updated in Demo Resources in Canvas. Cali has put together other great EL scaffolding resources that will live there as well. Please contact Melissa if you have not received your Canvas invite.


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On The Lookout:

GenWow Empowerment Workshop for Girls in PIL Athletics:

Sept. 22nd @ Grant HS - 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Bus departure from Jefferson is TBD

*Please send any female identified students to the Athletic Office if you feel they would be interested in this opportunity

PAT- District Information

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September 23rd Professional Learning Day

On September 23rd, TPL will be hosting the first embedded professional learning day for PAT members. As a reminder, this event is a non-student facing day for all schools. This event is mandatory for all CSI/TSI teachers . While this is mandatory for CSI/TSI teachers, there is no make-up training. All teachers who attend will be paid their hourly rate as this is not part of their 192 day contract. We will continue to update the TPL website with any needed additional information.

Please read carefully through the list of bullets below for details:

  • Location: McDaniel High School and Grant High School, we will provide more information in the upcoming weeks about which sessions are being offered at each site.

  • Event Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, 1 hour for lunch and lunch is provided. Teachers will be paid for 6 hours (lunch is unpaid).

  • Pepper Registration: Pepper registration is mandatory for this event, and registration closes on September 14 at 11:59 PM. If educators are not signed up by 11:59 PM on September 14, they are not able to attend. There will be no exceptions and educators will be turned away at the event site if they are not signed up in Pepper.

  • Registration: Please share with your teachers the September 23rd Pepper Registrationdocument. TPL will send out communication to teachers through the teacher portal and through a direct email to all teachers the week of September 6th and September 12th.

EAs and Paras: Note that 9/23, 10/14, and 2/17 are non-working days for all classified staff under 260 working days so EAs and Paras are not included in these PD days.

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Coming Soon

  • PD Calendar
  • Flex Day Calendar