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Class Dojo is helpful for teachers, students, and parents. It is an online classroom behavior management system. It allows students to pick an avatar character to represent them in the Dojo, and then they are rewarded with points for demonstrating positive actions established by the teacher. For example, if a student is working well with others, the teacher can select the student and award points for that particular behavior. Likewise, negative behavior can be tracked and cause students to lose points. It's fun. It's simple. It's 2nd grader-approved!

Why Class Dojo in Our Room???

The 4 Key Benefits of Class Dojo:

1. Encourage Students - instant feedback/positive reinforcement

2. Engage Parents - parents have immediate access to stay aware and see simple reports

3. Customizable - recognizing the behaviors that matter most

4. Reflect on Progress - track and chart data to find trends and focus on what needs attention

What do I need to do?

With one code students and parents can sign up and connect. The teacher sets up the roster and prints log in information. You get the code and are invited to register your email so you can receive the student reports for your child.

**Knowing their parent sees the report keeps kids motivated and accountable!!!**

Parents Approve

Parents share how ClassDojo has helped them and their children

Have Students Meet Class Dojo

Student Introduction to ClassDojo

How do I Connect?

When you receive your invitation from the teacher, follow the links and complete the form with your contact information. You will receive a Parent Code, and the students can also access their avatar by using their Student Code. Click the form below if you forget your codes.

Student and Parent Codes