Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

May 2-6!

Literacy Activities!

This week we completed our 4th quarter writing project of creating books! Everyone completed pre-writing, rough drafts and final drafts. They each had to decide their book subject, and write their own complete sentences of facts or stories. The books have original titles and their own spelling and pictures. They will share their books with you at Graduation! :)

Will the wind blow it??... Experiment

This week they completed a science experiment outside to see which objects (the wind will blow). They made predictions for a list of objects that included, markers, pencils, Kleenex, paper, and cubes. Each group placed their items on the playground and determined if the wind blew it or not. Everyone had fun experimenting with wind!

Trip to the nursery!

Specialty link!

Music Centers!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for all the teacher appreciation gifts!

Conferences May 23/24

Graduation May 27th! 1:00