Groman Community

By Olivia H, Christopher E, Bryce K, and Christian S

What is Groman?

Groman is our planned community, it is a nice living space and has the essentials of your daily life.
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Desirable aspects

Groman is a safe community, has many activities families can do, and has great schools. It also has many athletic facilities and has a great shopping area. The schools include a good education. We have school buildings K-12. Our small power plant that the powers the entire city is close to generating 0% pollution, we are using geothermal energy from hot springs below the plants. This way your children and everybody around you can breath clean and crisp air. (Below) (see geothermal power plant)
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Greek and Rome

We have taken many things from the Greeks and Romans. We have taken elevators, our government building will be in the Greek aspect, we have a forum in the middle of the city for people to meet and enjoy themselves, and we also have a public pool, which is a little spin off of a bath house.

The Forum

The Forum in the center of our town is the basic meeting place for the citizens, part of it is designated to small shops, so you can easily enjoy yourself and have a snack while you're at it. The Forum will include a Gazebo, a fountain, and a small pond.


Groman has plenty of shops in our community for all ages. There is a mall that has food, furniture, entertainment, and lots more. There is a store that sells cars, an auto body shop and a mechanic shop. We also have an art center to do art and have fun at. In the mall there is an electronic store to buy TV's, gaming systems, phones and more. Anybody can buy lease for a shop area, adding better diversity of shops.


Groman is a well-educated town. It has great teachers that are nice and friendly. Also has a playground for the toddlers during recess. Has a necessary size for the students. Last of all the schools are close to your homes for your children to walk here when it is nice and warm. We also have buses for the people who don't want to walk to school or if their hous is too far away.
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The size of the community is big enough that you feel like its completely wide open, but small enough that you can easily ride your bike or walk to your destination. There is a total of 1500 acres in Groman, but everything you need to close by.