The Beautiful Side of Life

April Edition

Be the best version of yourself

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We wish we could do more, be more, have more ... and when we can't attain what we hope for, we stop trying or give up altogether.

What does it even mean to be the best version of ourselves? Does it mean that we suddenly pull it altogether and life suddenly looks perfect? Nope.

Does it mean that we try and fail? Sometimes.

The bottom line is we all hate failing. We all hate falling short. But being our best selves means that we choose to keep going despite the failures, and we choose to push on even when we haven't been succeeding the way we think we should.

What can we do to be the best version of ourselves?? Read on....!

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1. Let go of limiting beliefs

You know who you are – but do you know who you could be? Most of us are held back by limiting beliefs: untrue thoughts we have about our intrinsic nature. By learning to recognize and let go of whatever limiting beliefs are keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself, you’re able to push forward and find the person you really are.

2. Amplify your strengths

Focus on your strengths and you’ll get even stronger in those areas, becoming more fully yourself along the way. Focusing on your strengths is also essential when you hit roadblocks – which you inevitably will. When you amplify your strengths, you remember what you’re bringing to the table, and you’ll crush the obstacles in your path.

3. Develop a growth mindset

No one is made up of only strengths. We all have pain points that require attention if you want to be the best version of yourself. Successful people tackle this by having a growth mindset. They believe that there are no weaknesses. There are only opportunities for improvement. Rather than focusing on what they do badly, they focus on how they can improve – and take action to get there.

4. Throw out expectations

Our beliefs create our world – but unfortunately, sometimes our beliefs are not our own. Like most of us, you’ve built at least part of your identity on others’ expectations. The process of internalizing others’ values was unconscious, and bringing it to consciousness is the essence of learning how to be the best version of yourself. Your vision for who you want to be must be yours – no one else’s.

5. Be willing to shed your old identity

When you determine to find your ideal self, you’re essentially raising the bar – for yourself and the people you know. Your “old self” will resist this due to feelings of insecurity and fear of the unknown. Resist the urge to cling to the familiar – the identity that’s been holding you back – and embrace a can-do attitude

6. Tame your fears

Fear is an insidious adversary that robs us of our courage and distracts us from the present moment. Taming your fears is possible, and is necessary to better yourself. When you feel anxious, identify what you’re afraid of and write it down. Then, write down an alternative explanation that’s less scary while still being realistic. Even if your feelings don’t change right away, your mind will register the rationale. In time, the process of fact-checking your fears becomes habitual, and you become less swayed by anxiety.

7. Prioritize outcomes

Since understanding how to be the best version of yourself requires looking inward for wisdom, you won’t find yourself by gathering tons of information. Let your ideal self set a goal. Pick something plain and achievable, like getting organized or reading more fiction. Making a measurable goal is one of the most effective ways to get out of your head and build confidence.

8. Set reasonable goals

Prevent overwhelming yourself by setting small, measurable goals. If you’d like to lose 10 pounds and increase your income by 30%, break those down into smaller steps, like exercising for 20 minutes a day and enrolling in a business class. Each time you take a step toward your goal, you build self-confidence to become the best version of yourself.

Best Version Of Yourself - Motivational Video

A HUGE Shout Out to Ms. Moxness's 5th grade class!

Ms. Moxness's ENTIRE 5th grade class completed the 30-day burpee challenge!! Listen ... this challenge was not for the faint of heart, and I heard more complaints about it from the adults than I did the students (including myself ...haha!). But, these brave 5th graders went for it and by day 30, they were rocking out FIFTY burpees a day. Congratulations for sticking through and completing the challenge together ... I'm so proud of all of you!
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30-Day Fitness Challenge

C'mon everyone ... this challenge will take us right through the end of the school year! The challenge starts on Monday, April 12th. This time it's a combo of push ups, squats, crunches, and lunges. I didn't add any burpees this time, so I shouldn't hear any complaining ;)

PRO TIP: Does doing 20 lunges in a row make you give up before you start? Break them up throughout the day ... a few in the morning, a few in the afternoon, a few in the evening!

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