Kokanee Library Newsletter

December 2015


I want to start off by saying a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who put up with the craziness of the Fall Book Fair!! We came close to matching our highest sales ever, and our portion of the profits will go toward benefiting your students in a big way!

What's Happening in the Library?

Capstone Ebooks

Did you know the library has a collection of ebooks that can be checked out anytime and by multiple users at the same time? These can be accessed by students at home, in the classroom or teachers can read them to students for a read aloud on their Activ board. Multiple students can access the book at the same time so the whole class can read the same book on an iPad or laptop or it can be a great option if multiple students need/want the book for a report or just for fun! Right now, the selection is limited but if student and teacher interest is high, I can look into purchasing more. Watch the video below on how to find and access the ebooks from the library.

Reading Levels

Thank you for sending us your reading levels for your classes! We are working on building up our primary library, especially finding books that target struggling readers. We will continue to work on finding just right books with our primary students and learning ways to search the library catalog for books at their level.

Technology Tips!

Thanks for reading! Email or call with any questions!