The Ultimate Renaissance Music Tour

Including sights from Lassus, Sweelinck, Josquin, and more!

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck Sunday 12-1-15

For our very first stop we go to the capital of The Netherlands. The beautiful city full of water, trees, churches, and of course music. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck spend much of his life in the beautiful capital. He wrote many of his greatest songs there. This is a must if you go to Europe.

Beersel, Belgium - Guillaume Dufay - Monday 13-1-15

You will experience the rich culture of the busy town of Beersel. We will walk in the very town the famous illegitimate child Guillaume Dufay was born. Then we will see the the beautiful Beersel Castle.

Mons, Belgium-Orlando di Lasso and Binchois - Tuesday 14-1-15

Guess how many famous composers were born in this city? The answer is two! Both Binchois and Orlando di Lasso were born in this beautiful walking city. We will provide mp3 players fully loaded with both of there beautiful Motets.

Brussels, Belgium- Guillaume Dufay - Wednesday 15-1-15 to Thursday 16-1-15

In the capital of Belgium is where one of the most interesting stops takes place. We will be in Brussels to not only walk in the very place the incredible Guillaume Dufay walked and composted some of his most famous but also to see the wonders of the of the most fascinating cities in the world. We will be spending two days here to enjoy Belgium.

Deventer, Holland- Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck - Friday 17-1-15

What brings us the the land of the flowers? why it's Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck's birth place! Again we will provide an mp3 player with some of his keybord works and some of his 250 vocal works that he made though out his life.

The Sistine Chapel Italy - Josquin des Prez - Saturday 20-1-15

Photos don't do this chapel justice. From the breath taking famous artwork to the rich history this is one of the most famous chapels of all time. Much like the artwork, Josquin des Prez's Polyphonic style has been awe inspiring for hundreds of years and along with the artwork you will be able stand in the vary place Josquin des Prez stood as he created his masterpieces.

Sicily, Italy - Orlande de Lasso - Sunday 21-1-15

Orlande de Lasso was a true world traveler. He spent time time all over the world including in Sicily. He wrote In total over 2,000 works. Some of them were made right here in Sicily. We will explore the beautiful island we see many sights including many of the places that Orlande de Lasso himself worked.

Cambrai, France- Guillaume Dufay - Monday 22-1-15

Next we go to all the way to France to see the scenery of Cambrai. We will walk around the city and check out the gorgeous architecture as we "jam out" to the Secular music of Guillaume Dufay.


This is a winter trip and that means you need pack warm! You will need boot for the light snow that we may encounter. We will also be doing lots of walking so be ready to walk! We will be doing lots of walking but we will always have the bus near by. We will be staying in 7 different hotels though out the week. 2 of them provide food but the rest we will be talking you to gourmet breakfast lunch and dinner in different restaurants throughout Europe. For more information call or email us!