Microbeads Good Or Bad?

Logan Creach

should cosmetics contain microbeads?

claim: No, microbeads are very bad for marine life and other aspects of the environment.

Why and how are they bad?

microbeads are made of polyethylene which contains petroleum

*petroleum is nonrenewable and is estimated to last us only 53.3 more years

*whilst being extracted the oil drills pollute

*polyethylene is not biodegradable thus every particle of it still exists today

most mirobeads make it to the ocean

*fish sometimes eat microbeads because they often resemble fish eggs

how many microbeads are reused?


How many microbeads make it to the ocean?

the US lets about 8 trillion microbeads make it to the ocean and lakes a day
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Progress in eliminating the microbead

many environmentalist groups are working on banning microbeads all around the world and recently mircobeads were banned in California.


congress is working on a ban on microbeads

What can I do?

whilst shopping try and find microbead free toothpaste, bodywashes and face washes


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