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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of November 23

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Our fourth meeting was productive. We partnered up to review our current behavior matrix. Solidifying the matrix builds the foundation for our universal expectations school wide. When we are all speaking the same language and having the same expectations our students thrive and staff feels connected. We will have a review for staff to provide feedback on the matrix. We also plan to hold student sessions with students in grades 3-5 to gain a student perspective. Teachers in grades 3-5 should enter two students to represent their class to the google doc that came out today. Please enter in your names before you leave next Tuesday. Review sessions will be held prior to our next PBIS meeting. Dates to follow soon.

Our work can be found in the:

PBIS Folder

Our next meeting will be on December 4th

School Improvement Planning Through Rising Star

Learning Environment: CL8 The school culture supports teachers in practicing effective and responsive instruction to meet individual student needs.

Educator Quality: ID13 Instructional teams meet for blocks of time sufficient to develop and refine units of instruction and review student learning data.

Teaching and Learning: IIB04 Teachers differentiate instruction based on assessment results to provide support for some students and enhance learning opportunities for others.

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Differentiation Concentration

We have been doing a lot of talking lately about differentiated instruction. When we begin to discuss this topic, we usually jump to, “How does this look?” However, before we address how it can look, we must find out the needs of our students. The following link, Formative Assessment is the Cornerstone of Differentiated Instruction, gives us some insight into creating purposeful goals and checking in with students. Some examples of formative assessment are: checklists, entry/exit slips, UofS tasks, writing samples, math boxes, “whiteboard” checks, running records, etc. Once you know where your students are at, differentiation can begin.

Guided Math Resources

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Synergy Progress Reports

Progress reports are expected to be finished AM December 7th. Admin will be reviewing progress reports and putting comments for students in the comment box.

MAP Testing Starts Nov. 30th

Guy will be sharing information on the schedule and training shortly.
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  • Diane Sawallisch rocks! She has been such a great help during this very important assessment period! Thanks for your help Diane! :) Barb

  • I would like to recognize the amazing teachers and staff in this building who make Husmann a great school to be a teacher in, I'm amazed with the consistent flexibility and efficiency with all the meetings, new requirements, testing, and changes that are constantly ongoing in this district. Bravo! Gina Belt-Daniels

  • Thanks to Jill Kuhns for organizing the after school runners and walkers. I have been missing our weekly walks around the lake this summer and needed motivation to get out in the fresh air and move. I really appreciate catching up with my Husmann friends, too!

  • Jill Kuhns for organizing our walking/running group.

    1st grade team for working together to help Jen Nixon with her sub plans and being totally awesome.

  • The guys are great here! Mike Belmonte sees things that need to be done and does without asking and consistently goes above and beyond my expectations for a clean and safe gym. To my great surprise, I came in the morning after students had broken a piece of equipment the day prior and found it in great working order! He needed to find the tools and hardware to fix it, and did so without my asking, or even mentioning that he had done it! What a way to serve our students by providing working equipment at a precise time! Jill C. Kuhns

  • Thanks to Penny Reese for helping us to keep a level head in Kindergarten!!


  • I want to give a shout out to my amazing team! As you all know I've been home for over a week and my team has been picking up the slack. They are amazing teachers, friends, and teammates. I am truly blessed to have them. You rock Jill, Kerri , and Katie! Thanks for all your help!

  • Thank you to Penny for helping Sandy M. figure out my sub plans this week. I appreciate it! Kim F.

  • Karen Belke for taking care of the emotional needs of students AND adults.

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