Texas (Never give up)

By: Julia Z.

Dallas (Capital)

I chose Dallas as my capital because it is one the biggest cities in Texas.

Imports and Exports

Some of the most important products of Texas are cotton, oil, natural gas, minerals, chemicals, metals and machinery.

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National Bird

My National bird is the Mockingbird.

I chose it because it is the most common

type of bird in Texas.

National Fruit

My National fruit is Mandarins

also known as Cuties. I chose

that fruit because

  1. I like it a lot
  2. It is very sweet
  3. It is very common in Texas

National Flower

My National flower is the


I chose that flower because

  1. It is the official flower of Texas
  2. It is very pretty
  3. Texas is the only place that the bluebonnet grows


  1. Nobody can be on the streets after 10:30 pm
  2. Nobody can kill or attack anyone
  3. You can not own any type of arms


Indians- The problem with the Indians is that they were in valuable territory that could be used for settling people.

Land Policy- the land policy is that they would give land to anyone one who lived in Texas and it didnt matter if they were immigrants.

Economics- When Texas became its own independent republic they were in a lot of debts and they didnt have a lot of money.

Education- The education in Texas wasnt very good because they didnt have any schools and that is why Lamar built the first school in Texas and that is why he is called "the Father of Texas Education". He also set aside land for the support of two universities now know as Texas A&M and University of Texas.


The problem with Mexico is that they will try to take over Texas again, and that is why we need to set up a border in the Rio Grande. We need the US to annex us, so Mexico can leave us alone also we need to give the native americans their own space and that is why we are giving them certain places for them to learn how to be civilized and live in civilization.