Poetry Scavenger Hunt

By Samuel, Jordan, and Sneha

Four Elements of Poetry

In the poem, A Symphony of Trees, we found the four elements of poetry.

We think that the mood of this poem is calming. Our reason for thinking that it is calming is that the trees making noise would kind of be like white noise which is calming. The form of this poem would be list poetry. We think that it is list because it has some rhyming and it is also listing what the trees do without a certain order. The purpose of writing this poem was probably to express the author's feelings about trees. Finally, the central idea of this poem would be: Nature can make soothing, relaxing, and even interesting sounds.

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Figurative Language

Sensory Language/ Imagery

We found sensory language in, Suddenly. Some of the sensory language we found in this poem are:

  • You can hear a cow.
  • You can imagine the sound of summer.
  • You can smell the hay.
  • You can hear squirrels scratch and chickens hatch.
  • You can imagine seeing bats dancing.
  • You can see a crow's nose.
  • Etc.

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Poetry Vocab