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Nathan Adams Elementary

Welcome to Week 36

Our MIssion and Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an exceptional learning environmentthat produces remarkable students who are prepared to be successful and equipped to compete in a global society.

Our mission is to prepare all students to achieve the highest standard of intellectual, physical, and social growth.


5th Grade Social Studies Collaborative Projects

6 Engaging End-of-Year Projects

1. Show What You Know

Give students an opportunity to teach the rest of the class something, like origami, a new app, or a martial arts self-defense move (design, construct, apply).

2. On-Campus Field Trips

· Take them outside to write observational notes on what they see through the eyes of a scientist, historical figure, artist, or character from a book or film (discover, examine, report).

· Journey to the library for a scavenger hunt. There are many online that you can revise to fit your content and/or your students' interests (locate, investigate, compile).

· Join another class and have a poetry slam, or a science or math mini-fair. This gives students a chance to share a project or product with a different audience. Consider doing this in a neutral zone like the cafeteria or library (discover, demonstrate, evaluate).

3. Own a _______

Have students take ownership of a planet, song, decade, career, author, country, scientist, medical breakthrough. . . With this activity, the student becomes an expert on whatever she or he chooses and then presents it to the class or in small groups. The product can be, for example, a mini-book, PowerPoint, or iMovie (select, prepare, research, design).

4. Craft a New Ending

Students take their favorite book, speech, short story, poem, or historical event and write a new ending. Ask them to also include rationale for their ending. They can also illustrate it (infer, devise, conclude, reflect).

5. Create a Commercial

Host a class competition where students cast a vote, and give an award to the team that produces the most clever, creative 30-second advertisement. Decide first as a class on the product to be pitched (plan, design, critique).

6. Portfolio Showcase

Students compile a collection of their best work from the school year or last semester, and include explanations for their choices. This could be done in hard copy or digitally, and can include illustrations and photos (select, assess, categorize, prepare).

Goals for Wrapping Up the School Year

We are nearing the end of the school year—and we have two options: grind to the end or think of new and exciting ways to challenge ourselves to continue to grow. As we are now approaching the last 14 days of school, I would like to provide a few challenges to teachers to complete before the end of school to facilitate their personal growth. Hopefully this process will ultimately benefit the children we serve.

Collaborate: Reach out and discuss new ideas with new people. Within organizations, we often tend to think we have great ideas, but what makes those ideas better is the incorporation of ideas that have worked in other areas. Consciously find a way to collaborate outside your normal circle of friends and peers.

Earmark July: July must be about you if you are to come back to school refreshed. Being about you, however, is about much more than sitting by the pool or coaching your daughter’s soccer team. July must be the time that you reflect and recharge for the coming year in whatever manner best suits you. For some it's reading, for some it’s writing, and for others it is something different. July must be about you consciously scheduling activities to recharge and prepare for another year in the most important profession in the world.

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This Weeks Highlights

Blood Drive
ACP Testers Training-3:15 in the Library
ACP Testing K-5
$1.oo Free Dress Day
ACP Testing K-5
ACP Makeups
4th Grade to Austin

Congratulations Mr. Herrera on your Master's in Bilingual Education!

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Kudos Go To ...

Extra Mile Effort During STAAR Testing-
Gibson, Blake, Virani, Herrera, Eagle
Thank you STAAR Testers

Thank you to Ms. Sauls for the Invention Fair
Teachers and Parents participating in the Principal Search Meetings
Quality Control Work on Pacing Guides for 2016-2017
Silvio, Stinnett, Blake, Vallejo,