Greece Travel

By Steven C.


Come to Greek travel what you will see in all stop will be different thing about Gs wars.
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in stop 1, We will go to Athens where democracy started and see where the citizens voted and debated on every issue. Greek citizens were native- born men over the age of 18+.
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Social Structure

In stop 2, Ancient Greek women couldn't leave there home did thing around the home with their slave.


In stop 3, We will go to the Theater Dionysus in Athens to see a play. The Greeks invented drama including both tragedies and comedies.
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In stop 4, Greeks made masterpieces of metal work, sculpture, literature, and pottery. Many metals where metal, bronze, gold, and silver.

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In stop 5, You will stop at the town of Delphi where there is a famous temple dedicated to the god Apollo.
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In stop 5, iron tool like knives or spears. Use plants to help people. Greek temples used columns. Pediments , the triangular shapes where roofs lines come together.

Stable Food Suppy

In stop 6, The Greeks had a simple diet with wheat, oil, and wine. Their diet also included cabbage, vegetables like cumbers, beans, onions and also use honey for honey cakes.
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