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Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated

Why Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated.

Columbus should be celebrated because it has been celebrated as holiday for many years now, since Franklin Roosevelt claimed it as a holiday in 1934. This say was considered a holiday so Americans can feel happy for being an American. This holiday however is also celebrated for the honor of the slaves that were back then. Columbus is a man of honorship so he should at least get a day where everyone gets a day of to honor him. Columbus is one of the oldest holidays ever celebrated in America which goes back in time to the 1800's.

Reasons For Columbus Day

America is a really great and amazing country any american would want to live in. Just like we celebrate 4th of July with fireworks and Thanksgiving with turkey, that's the reason why we should be celebrating Columbus Day just like any other holiday. Columbus was a person of nation that discovered that the earth was round. Columbus is the only day when the nation recognizes him a leader for the million Italian Americans. Columbus Day has been celebrated at all 50 states for a few centuries now.