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What is sous-vide?

A cooking process in which food is encased in an airtight plastic pouch (typically vacuum sealed) and cooked for a very long period of time at a very low temperature, usually under 200˚F and for many hours, even as long as three days.

The technique was first developed by French chef Georges Pralus, who discovered that cooking foie gras in this way kept it from shrinking and losing fat content. Some health experts believe that sous vide cooking is dangerous because food remains below the "danger zone" of 140˚F (in which bacteria can multiply). Food cooked sous vide is typically tender, flavorful and moist.

taken from article by Jessica Harlan

What does Cuisine Solutions do?

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Cuisine Solutions - Could this be a major disruption to restaurants?

Back in 1971, Dr. Bruno Goussault (who would become chief scientist at Cuisine Solutions) developed sous-vide as a way of improving the tenderness of roast beef. Goussault discovered that if the beef was vacuum-sealed in a specially designed pouch and slowly cooked at a slightly-lower-than-usual temperature, it showed little sign of profit-robbing shrinkage compared to conventional cooking methods. Plus, the flavor was notably enhanced.

This was the birth of the new technology of sous-vide, and it was quickly adopted by top chefs throughout Europe. Today, leading chefs around the world depend on sous-vide products from Cuisine Solutions. We supply our sous-vide cuisine to fine restaurants, premier hotels, first-class airlines and cruise lines, the military, and passionate home chefs.

Sous-vide now is being sold not just to these high class restaurants, but to normal people on a budget. Cuisine Solutions is offering their form of cooking in pre packaged frozen meals sold at places like Costco and Sam's Club. Some of these products are Beef Wellington, Lamb Shanks, Chicken Florentine, Beef Provencal, and Chicken Marsala to name a few...

These products on the shelves available to us will allow us to have the chance to enjoy perfectly cooked and delicious food right in our own kitchen without the hassel and expenses of a fancy restaurant.

Statistics and Competition

  • The global frozen food industry recorded close to 4% growth in 2010 to exceed $192 billion, reports MarketLine. The market is expected to see 19% expansion over five years to exceed $228 billion in 2015.

  • Cuisine Solutions Stock is continually increasing. It currently is up 17.65%

  • Brasil Foods is the leading player in the frozen food market, reports MarketLine. The company generates 5% of the market in terms of value.

  • Other Top competitors include ConAgra Foods and Overhill Farms.