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Compare & Contrast


The setting in Evermore and Blue Moon are the same, they are both in Long Beach California. But there are some different different minor settings in the books.


The characters throughout the books are pretty much the same. In Evermore there is Ever Bloom, Damen Auguste, Haven, Miles, Sabine, Drina, Roman, and Riley. In Blue Moon there is Ever Bloom, Damen Auguste, Roman, Haven, Miles, and Romy and Rayne.

Plot Events

The plot elements are much different in Evermore and Blue Moon. The plot elements in Evermore are that Ever gets in a terrible accident and can now see peoples auras, read minds, and know someones entire life story with just a touch of the hand. Ever is known as a "freak" because of her abilities. All of this changes when Ever meets Damen Auguste. Damen is exotic, beautiful and wealthy. Ever can't help but fall for this mysterious boy. Ever can't read Damens mind or see his aura. Ever tries to figure Damen out but ends up with more questions then answers. The plot elements in Blue moon are that Evers powers and getting stronger while Damens are waning. Ever goes on a quest to help Damen and will do anything to get the cure for him. She travels to Summerland and finds out about Damens brutal past. With the blue moon holding the key to her traveling, she is forced to choose between saving her family (her past) or Damen (her future).


The resolution in Evermore is that Ever kills Drina when Drina tries to kill Ever.

The resolution in Blue Moon is that Ever finds the potion to help Damen but the potion makes Damen forget who Ever is and he is also unable to have any contact with Ever or he will die.