two of Massachusettes' Major Events

1770-73, Revolution Ahead

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Colonists on the edge of revolt.

The Boston Massacre

    During protest of the Stamp Act (taxed printed goods) the colonists took the protesting a little too far. They pelted the British soldiers with rocks, shovels, clubs, and anything they can get. One of the soldiers paniced and open fired on the colonists, which led to all of the soldiers to start firing on the colonists, killing 5 people. This added to the hatred of Britian by the American colonists. The soldiers were never put on trial or punished for the massacre.

The Tea Party

    Arfer Britian passed the Tea Act (which put taxes on tea and imported goods) The colonists were furious. The Sons of Liberty, led By Samuel Adams, disguised themselves as Mohawk indians and snuck on board of one of the merchant ship and tossed 342 chests of tea into the boston harbor. This happened 3 years after the Boston Massacre in 1770. These many tax acts on the goods in the colonies (Sugar Act, Townshend Act, Stamp Act, and Tea Act) only brung the colonies closer together against Britian.    
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Notes from Mrs. Brazzle: Texas History class.

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