Civil Law

Procedure of Civil Cases

Vocabulary you should know...

Plaintiff - Person who brings a case into the court of law

Defendant - Person who is being accused by the plaintiff

Complaint - document which tells the defendant what he's being charged with

Summons - letting the defendant know when to appear in court to answer the plaintiff complaint

Pleadings - complaint of the plaintiff and the answer of the defendant put together

Pretrial Conference - Meeting of the judge and the lawyers to discuss which matters should be presented to the jury

Mediation - Intervention in a dispute in order to solve it

Arbitration - a decision to be issued after both parties have been heard

Trail - The process of disputing a case and bringing as much evidence as possible

preponderance of evidence - accuracy of the evidence found

appeal - request to be heard by a higher court thinking the lower court did something wrong with the case

verdict - final decision, either found innocent or guilty