Becoming a flexible cheerleader is hard

To become flexible you need to stretch and exercise.

To become flexible you need to stretch and exercise every day. When you are finally flexible you need to practise over and over again so you don't forget how to do things that include flexibility.
Flexibility Stretches For Dancers, Cheerleaders & Gymnasts, Beginners Exercises Routine

Cheerleaders practise for a long time

Cheerleaders prep for hours in search of 2 1/2 minutes of perfection. When cheerleaders practice they do it to learn the dance and fix up all their mistakes.
Columbus High School Cheerleading Practice Before State

What sort of skills are cheerleading skills

One of the best cheerleading skills is flexibility. The skill flexibility leads to many other skills like: flips , forwards walk overs , backwards walk overs , flick flacks and heaps others!
Gymnastics and Cheer Tumbling!

What are skills

Skills are a talent you know how to do and some others do not know how to do. Skills are hard to teach other people because it is a talent that some people find hard to do. So now that you know what skills are you should show off some talent like this little girl.
2011 - Level 5 Cheerleading Tumbling Skills

Is cheerleading a sport or a talent

Cheerleading is an official sport... but most people take it for granted, though cheerleading is more athletic than most athletically required sports.
Desert Devils Cheerleading Youth Competition Performance

cheerleading stunts

A cheerleading stunts are basically having a partner and you can do amaizing tricks with them for example holding them up above your heads also pushing them up in the air and catch them also your partner pushing you up in the air and then doing a flip in the air and then you partner catch you.
Easy cheerleading stunts for two people

What is competitive cheerleading

Competitive cheerleading is when one cheerleading squad competes against another cheer leading squad. In competitive cheerleading each squad would get placed ether first,second or third!
Sophia Lucia//Cheerleader

How can this stuff help me?

This stuff can help me by telling me what tricks are called and how to do them! These steps can help me to become flexible or become a cheerleader!