Week of February 8th

MAP Parent Report

The students completed the Winter MAP testing. We are very proud of ALL the growth our students have made. You should have received the MAP Parent Report on Friday, February 5th. The report was sent to the parent email listed in Skyward.

Vision and Hearing Screener

Each year, the state of Texas requires students to complete a vision and hearing screening and a spinal screening for age-appropriate individuals.

Some virtual learning students have not been screened this school year. If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your student screened by Nurse Benson, please contact her at kristin.benson@bisdmail.net, or call 817-245-3800.

If you prefer not to bring your student in for screening, the Department of State Health Services encourages parents to take their children to a medical provider for well child exams. During these appointments you can ask for screenings. If your child is screened, we encourage you to send us the results of those screens for our records.

Signs of a possible vision problem include:

  • Squinting

  • Tilting the head

  • Sitting too close to the television

  • Constant eye rubbing

  • Abnormal alignment or movement of the eyes

Signs of a possible hearing problem include:

  • Your child wants volumes louder than other members of the family

  • Your child often says “What?”

  • It seems like your child isn’t listening

  • Your child seems to hear fine sometimes and not others

Signs your child may have an abnormal spinal curvature:

  • Uneven shoulders or hips

  • Ribs that are prominent or stick out in one area

  • Muscles that are prominent in the lower back or bulge on one side

If you think your child has a vision or hearing problem, or an abnormal spinal curvature, please contact the school nurse. Discuss your concerns with them right away.

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 8th- Last day to send Valentine's Party items including cards!

Thursday, February 11th- 100th Day of School: Dress like you are 100 years old!

Friday, February 12th- End of 4th six weeks; Valentine' Day Party 2:15 pm *look for details from your child's teacher- "Wear your heart on your sleeve and dress for Valentines Day.

Monday, February 15th- School Holiday

Tuesday, February 16th- 5th six weeks begins

Wednesday, February 17th- Random Acts of Kindness Day

Thursday, February 18th- Report Cards

Tuesday, February 23rd- Big Kahuna Orders Due

Friday, February 25th- PreK grading period ends