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Many of us have their favourite food as Noodles, fried rice, Manchurian etc. Let's try to know more about these yummy, delicious , mouth-watering recipes.

Noodles or Mian or Fen as called in China, is the staple food of the most populated country. They are made up of rice or wheat. It is made as a separate dish or as an ingredient for soups , spring rolls and many other variety of dishes.

Noodles may be cooked from either in its fresh (moist) or dry forms. They are generally boiled, although they may also be deep fried in oil until crispy. Boiled noodles may then be stir fried, served with sauce or other accompaniments, or served in soup, often with meat and other ingredients.Certain rice noodles are made directly from steaming with raw rice slurry and are consumed fresh. Noodles are made along with vegetables like carrot, capsicum tofu , cabbage or even with chicken , beef or meat.

Earlier these noodles were made traditionally but now as everyone has less time for cooking , appliances like noodle maker are used. These are available in all parts of the world.

Fried Rice is a dish eaten with any gravy. Be it Manchurian or chicken or mutton gravy.

The rice used is normally cooked. In fact this dish was invented when a lot of stale rice was left. It is made by adding some vegetables or chicken/mutton/beef.

Manchurian are tiny balls of flour mixed with shredded cabbage,carrots and capsicum. We can also add some tofu or chicken to it. Manchurian can be made dry or with gravy. The gravy has soy content along with vinegar to make it a bit sour. Also vinegar acts as a preservative. We can also use shredded chicken, mutton etc as the fillings. In the gravy the use of gelatin to make it thick is a technique used quite often. Infact not only in Manchurian but many of the Chinese dishes have gelatin in them in order to make them thick. Earlier , making them took a lot of time but now with the new appliances like mixer, chopper etc . these items can be made easily. An ingredient found in almost every dish is soy sauce. It is a condiment made from a fermented paste of boiled soybeans, roasted grain and brane.

These dishes are easily made without taking a lot of time. These are one of the dishes made in Fifteen minutes .

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