Back to In-Person Learning!

March 25, 2021

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Dear Vanguard Classical School Families:

In our most recent February 10th letter, we explained our move to 4th Quarter Hybrid (Cohort A and Cohort B) learning, which we started earlier this week. Three major things have happened since our February announcement. First, safety metrics in our state and district have continued to improve. Second, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recently provided guidance that social distancing between students can be reduced from 6’ to 3’. Third, Colorado educators have been provided vaccine opportunity priority.

Earlier this evening, your VCS Board of Directors approved a recommendation from your VCS Leadership & COVID Response Teams to pivot to full-day In-person learning (Monday-Friday) for all interested VCS families/students beginning on Monday, April 5th. We believe the new CDC guidelines and encouraging state and local metric trends, combined with the safety measures we already have in place at both campuses, can allow this in-person conversion to occur. Remote learning for the remainder of the school year will continue as an option for any VCS family that is uncomfortable with returning to In-person instruction.

VCS families also have the ability to “re-determine” their In-person or Remote choice through next Thursday, April 1st. If you do not contact the front office, we will place all current hybrid (Cohort A/B) students into 5-day In-person learning, and current remote instruction students will remain remote. If you wish to make a change from this, please contact the VCS East or VCS West front office on or before next Thursday, April 1st.

Before and after school childcare will continue to be postponed until Fall 2021.

Next Friday, April 2nd, will be an asynchronous day. VCS staff will be working to set up all classrooms at both campuses to accommodate this new full in-person model.

Regardless, In-person learning will still look quite a bit different for some time. Families, please keep in mind the following:

  • If your student is ill, do not send them to school. Instead contact the VCS office.

  • If family members are ill, do not send students to school until cleared to do so by either the VCS E or W nurse. Please call the front office and ask to speak to the nurse directly.

  • Students who are ill, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have been recently exposed to COVID-19, or have members of their household with any of the previously mentioned conditions will not be allowed to enter the building unless the student and/or family member has a negative Covid-19 result.

  • While at VCS, all students and staff will be required to wear masks at all times except lunch, where careful social distancing will be maintained.

  • Students and staff will start every day at “non-touch” temperature stations in each building.

  • In-Person K-8 VCS students will be in grade-level cohorts for the remainder of the year.

  • Wherever possible, students will not switch classes; instead, teachers will.

  • Meals and bathroom visits will be closely monitored.

  • Entrance and exit from VCS will be carefully distanced and monitored.

  • Extra deep cleanings have been scheduled and classrooms and common spaces will be frequently receiving additional deep cleanings.

  • VCS has purchased and installed HEPA filters within our HVAC system at both campuses, and we have also purchased and installed secondary HEPA-grade air purifiers for every classroom, office, and common space.

It is important to note that even with the detailed safety precautions we are taking, the pandemic is still not behind us. Many schools in our state that have reopened in 2021 have already had to quarantine numerous groups of students and staff. This is still a possibility for VCS, and something that we anticipate could happen at either or both of our VCS campuses. We have taken extraordinary measures to consider and account for numerous safety scenarios, and will continue to follow CDC guidelines which includes planning for potential exposure(s).

Important: The board vote tonight also allows the VCS Leadership Team and VCS COVID Response Team the authority to pivot back to Hybrid or Remote learning at either or both VCS campuses at any time during the 4th quarter if future safety conditions warrant such a move.

We appreciate all of the support that our VCS community has displayed throughout the past 12+ months. We truly care about our students, staff, and families. Please continue to do everything you can do to remain safe and healthy. Every safety precaution you practice is beneficial to all.

We are so excited to soon bring In-person learning back at VCS buildings!


Jay Cerny – VCS Executive Director

Danielle Tomwing – VCS Board Chair

Emily Van Luit – VCS East Principal

Keria McCafferty – VCS West Principal

Dennis Steele – VCS Business and Operations Director

Katie Buckman – VCS East Nurse

Alisha Porter – VCS West Nurse