The Voice, A Friend, and Hero to the People, The Unstoppable

The Nature Destroyers

Roosevelt's enemy whispered in the simple-hearted people and told they needed to take the land that were given by God their creator.

Even though natural resources were limited, people were overusing the land and they weren't informed that the land wouldn't bounce back to what it used to be since everything was cut down and used through overcutting of trees and pollution from factories. People wanted to succeed therefore Mother Nature had to pay the price.

Coal mining wasn't the most clean and safe job and that had an effect of the environment and the air so everything in its proximity was dirty and it made people sick and die. It also had an effect on the 140,000 miners that went on strike and demanded a 20 percent pay increase and a reduction in the workday from ten to nine hours. The mine owners were hindered by the actions of their workers and refused to negotiate with labor representatives. This uncompromised action resulted to dwindling coal supply which caused the nation to have less coal to keep warm.

Everything was dirty and it was on the verge of hurting the environment and the people that lived close to it died or was very sick because it was that dirty.

For profit and greed people would use up the land with no thought of conserving and caring for the hurt land. People went all out for the thought of their future so there was no choice but to do something about it.

Have No Fear, Roosevelt is here!

Sidekick: Ida B. Wells

She is the one that does the work that Roosevelt doesn't have times for. They're like complements. She's a civil rights movement leader and an journalist that is not afraid to get her beliefs and words out. She's black and a woman and that's really awesome because she had the courage to do what she believed just like Roosevelt and she made her mark in the world as a Roosevelt's muckracker.


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