A Destination You'll Never Forget!

Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.)

Whats PEI like?

Prince Edward Island is a great vacation spot. In the summer times it is warm; 20-35 degrees. The capital city is Charlottetown which has a population of 40,000 people. 93 % speaks english, 4% French, and 3% other languages. PEI is a very relaxing place. There are many attractions to visit. Below you will find pictures of attractions that include Brackley Beach, St. Dustan's Basilica, The Confederation Centre of Arts, and Avonlea Village.
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Above is a picture of Brackley Beach. It is great to swim, relax, and have fun!

The Confederation Centre of Arts

The Confederation Centre of Arts is a cultural centre dedicated to showcasing arts. It is the #1 place that brings you the best year-round entertainment! Be sure to go!

Below is a picture of St. Dustan's Basilica Church

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Its an island that takes you everywhere...