Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

We love February! This month we are learning about everything related to the mail including writing letters and how the post office works! We read a book called "Mail And How it Moves by Gail Gibbons." The children each have a mini mailbox to collect all the notes that they have been writing to each other. We have also learned about how mail was delivered in the early days and we have discussed the many aspects of letter writing. The children made mail carrier hats which they will wear next week when they sort and deliver the letters they have been writing to all the teachers at CHS.

This week we learned about tally marks by reading a funny story called "Tally O'Malley." After listening to the story we used dry erase boards and markers to practice counting using tally marks.

Expert of the Week

Last week, Chloe was our expert in Shrinky Links. She showed her classmates a book that showed how to trace and color pieces of plastic and then shrink them in a warm oven. Chloe had samples of her Shrinky links to share. Our two experts this week were Eli and Isla. Eli explained the many rules of the card game Sleeping Queens. Isla was an expert on making balloon mice. She showed her classmates how to make a simple mouse by twisting a long balloon. Thank you Chloe, Eli and Isla!!

Conversation Starters

*How did mail get delivered before there were cars, trucks and airplanes?

*Who are you writing letters to at school?

* How do you make "Alphabet Soup?" (hint: grab yourself a letter, throw it in a pot...)

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Have your child help you sort the mail that comes to your house. We know that it's mostly junk mail but it's still interesting to think about the various ways it could be sorted.

* Read (even sing!) the poem of the week.

Important Announcements

Valentine's Day

We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday 2/12. Please send your child to school with a Valentine for every child in the class. The children will decorate special bags and will deliver their Valentines to their classmates.

Poem of the Week

Mail Myself To You

I'm gonna wrap myself in paper,

I'm gonna dab myself in glue,

Stick some stamps on top of my head,

I'm gonna mail myself to you.

I'm gonna tie me up in red string.

I'm gonna tie blue ribbons too.

I'm gonna climb up in my mail box,

I'm gonna mail myself to you.

Tech time with Mrs. Opdahl

Our time together this month started with a Pause & Think Online video. We talked about what you use your head, heart, arms, gut and legs for both offline and online. The topic of today’s lesson was Keep it Private and Kindergartners learned what kind of information they should keep to themselves when they go online. We then played a game where they had to determine what was safe and what was private. Some examples of safe information include names of: places, sports, activities, animals and colors. From there we looked at a site that helps the user create a safe username.