Grammar Goes Dog Sledding

By: Maya

Grammar Goes Sledding

The main idea of this article was that dog sledding has made a big impact on things today, and to tell the reader what has changed about sledding.

In the text it states "The history of dog sledding can be traced back thousands of years."

This shows that that dog sledding has been around a long time. Also, "Sled dogs played an important role in the exploration of what is now Canada". This shows the impact dog sleds had.


Dog sledding has been around for thousands of years. Over time, many things have changed about sledding. Things like the objective have changed. It is now about racing and having fun, but it use to be about survival and strength. The purpose of dog sledding was transportation. There really was no other way to get around without a sled and a pack of dogs. Dog sledding was one of the main reasons what is known as Canada today was discovered. They were also used for mailing letters in Alaska. Dog sleds today are much different. There is now dog sled competitions. One of the largest is the Iditarod. It is 1,000 miles long. Dog sleds are and were very helpful.