The plague is where, when animals Rome around the place and carry a disease. The black death is Best known as bubonic plague for the "buboes" (lumps) that formed on the victims' bodies, Plague also took pneumonic and septicemic forms. Other diseases have been postulated by scientists, and some scholars believe that there was a pandemic of several diseases; but currently the theory of Plague (in all its varieties) still holds among most historians. The plague involved people giving it to the other people by air or things they ate. The Black death, when or if your town was dirty there where rats fleas and other animals that carried the disease so they could have gave it to the people by carrying the virus and leaving there droppings everywhere and it could have went in the food. The plague spreads by rodents and also the air could be contaminated so they had to wear big black boots, gloves, allover white greatcoats, and protective allover face mask. It states here that "The most infamous symptom of bubonic plague is an infection of the lymph glands (lymphadenitis), which become swollen and painful and are known as buboes. After being transmitted via the bite of an infected flea the Y. pestis bacteria become localized in an inflamed lymph node where they begin to colonize and reproduce. Buboes associated with the bubonic plague are commonly found in the armpits, upper femoral, groin and neck region. Acral gangrene (i.e. of the fingers, toes, lips and nose), is another common symptom.

Due to its bite-based form of infection, the bubonic plague is often the first step of a progressive series of illnesses. Bubonic plague symptoms appear suddenly, usually 2–5 days after exposure to the bacteria. Symptoms include:

  • Gangrene of the extremities such as toes, fingers, lips and tip of the nose.[6]
  • Chills
  • General ill feeling (malaise)
  • High fever (39 °Celsius; 102 °Fahrenheit)
  • Muscle cramps[7]
  • Seizures
  • Smooth, painful lymph gland swelling called a bubo, commonly found in the groin, but may occur in the armpits or neck, most often at the site of the initial infection (bite or scratch)
  • Pain may occur in the area before the swelling appears
  • Skin color changes to a pink hue in some very extreme cases"