Life project

Ben rossow


What defined me was my family. They helped me through tough times and made me into the person I am today because they have always been there.


Some shows I used to watch when I was younger was the old Cartoon Network. That's something I grew up on. It's significant to me because my sister and i have alot of memories of that.
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My all time favorite band is Alice in chains. That is important to me because i can really relate to their music in a good way .
Alice In Chains - Rooster [HQ w/Lyrics]



A thing that I've always thought was stupid is that they define maturity at the age of 18. I think it's dumb because ive met some very oblivious adults .


Some shoe brand I would always wear is lakai shoes , another fashion statement that was really popular was skinnys i always liked skinny jeans.
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Other world problems

One thing that always stuck with me was the fact that the world struggles with meeting necessities and we need to fix it but we dont . This really irritates me because i wanna be like robbin hood but theres no way .