CCMS Weekly

October 12, 2015

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

Upcoming Events

10/28 Superintendent's Conference Day

11/1 Daylight Savings Time

Set your clocks back

News & Notes

Important Information: Department of Labor

We had our visit from the Department of Labor on Friday 10/9. Please note that we will be checking the following in the next few weeks. We will be following this up with a more formal memo and information but here is the gist of the most important pieces you can help with right now:

  • There can be absolutely no daisy chained electrical cords. If you do not have enough working electrical outlets in your room please put in a work order or touch base with Mark, Samantha or I to discuss a better way to set up your room.
  • There can be no appliances in individual classrooms. This includes refrigerators, microwaves or coffee pots. Classrooms that may need a cooling space for classroom materials (Science) will need to have their items re-approved. Any small refrigerators in a common office space must be plugged directly into the wall, not a power strip or extension cord.


We will be allowing students to wear costumes for Halloween on 10/30. Masks cannot cover their face and full face paint will not be permitted. Students must be able to take part in all of their regular learning activities for the day (PE, Tech, Science, etc.). Any costumes that promote violence and gore will not be permitted. Students and parents are reminded that costumes must meet the dress code and students will not be permitted to change into costumes once at school. Weapons and accessories should be left at home. We will send home a comprehensive letter to families on 10/20.

Principal's Council

Principal's Council will have it's first meeting Monday 10/26. Please speak as a hallway and let me know if you are interested in representing your wing this year. I am looking for a representive from each wing (B,C,D and E) as well as special areas, counseling and AIS/skills. This year we will be meeting on Mondays. I look forward to working together again.

A Note From the Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee's purpose is to make everyone's day a little better and help each other out through good times and bad. They organized our snack days, end of year parties and other gatherings as well. The sunshine fund is asking for a $20 donation to help with paper products on snack day, send a donation in memory of the loss of a loved one, a gift for a colleagues wedding or birth of a baby and to celebrate retirements. It also helps with our end of the year theme party!

Striving For Excellence

Be on the lookout for info from our Counseling Center on the Striving for Excellence campaign. We will once again be recognizing those students who go above and beyond in athletic, the arts, academics, effort and character.

Links of the Week

For Justine Juliano Tornatore

Many of you have asked what you can do to help Justine.