Adolf Hitler

What do you think Hitler's childhood was like? Adolf Hitlers life led him to being a terrible person. At the age of 15, Hitler dropped out of high school. During the first world war he volunteered to fight for the German Army. What else led him to do what he is remembered for today?

These are a few things that led up to Hitler's genocide trip. When Hitler was 15 he failed his exams and dropped out of school. At primary school Adolf Hitler was a top student and was popular with his peers. However, when he got to secondary the competition was harder so Hitler stopped trying. During World War 1 Adolf Hitler volunteered to fight for the German Army and gained the rank of corporal. In the text it says,"When Hitler was in the army he won several awards for bravery, including the Iron Cross First Class." Hitler started his reputation by talking in military meetings about how unfair the Treaty of Versailles was. There were many other things that led up to Hitler's rise to power.

Some events in Adolf Hitler's life led to him making a lot of wrong choices. Hitler did very bad in secondary school. During World War 1 Hitler fought for the German Army. He gained the rank of corporal and won many awards. Some people have a hard life, but you shouldn't let that make you a bad person. Adolf Hitler did.