Chrissy Greenhow

My name is Christine Heather Greenhow but I prefer to be known as Chrissy.

All about Me!

I went straight to University after graduating from Seton Catholic College. Before Seton I attended Phoenix Primary School.

I am currently studying, at the University of Notre Dame, to become an Early Childhood Education teacher (the ages 0-8) and am in my first year of study in this area.

My career goals include being the kind of teacher that draws children into learning simply because they enjoy it.

I hope that the children in my classes will love to learn and be a part of the classroom atmosphere that I set.

Meet My Family

This is who i am!

I am driven by music and laughter!

I believe that everyone is beautiful and intelligent

I am highly family oriented and family driven.

I believe that it is your family who makes you who you are!

I hope to be the kind of teacher who no one will forget