My life

just some things to talk about myself :D

What i do.

Now what i do for fun when i have free time is a useally go out into the streets of livingston and just go shopping since i have money to spend whtch well how could i say i am kinda rich. Anyways another thing what i do for fun is well go to the park with my friends and just play football. Sometimes when it is night time i useally go out to the park to do some cool activites like playing with piantball guns.

in the right thats me in a costume 0_0


In the weekends i sometimes go to my friends house or sometimes go to parties or at a club. Life is too short so i live my life to the max and just live life to the fullest.


well the kid off music i listen to is useally Electro,Techno,Bass,trance and so on. they all have to do with electronic music which i am a fanatic of it. It's my type of music 8)

Just click on the video down below :D


Places i like to go to :D

Where i'm from :D

Well i was born in FairField CA it is near the city of san Fransico. Then i moved to modesto CA in 2004 a few year later i moved to livingston CA after that i will see where the road takes me next :D
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