Vappnet, The Hottest New Game App

has Launched August 15th, 2013 Play Share and Win

Vappnet is the marketing arm for "Vappey" the Gaming Platform.

Vappey is the first app that people can play and share while also having a chance to win cash and prizes as they navigate through the strategy games.

No more long hours of playing games for just the enjoyment factor. Now when you share Vappnet and or Vappey with your friends who go on to win a cash prize so you will you.

That is correct. You win the same prize as your friend. So you can see how this will go viral. Non Marketers or Customers will share Vappey and Vappnet for you.

When they win they won;t be able to NOT share Vappnet.

See what all the rage is about at Vappnet

Vappnet New Viral App Play Games Make Money