My Summer - 2015

Mrs. Gillespy

Summer Hasn't Started Just Yet for Me

The first two weeks of summer I spent it writing the new curriculum for this school year. We met at Wakeland HS 8:00-11:30 for 8 days. It was a lot of work but it's paid off. I'm enjoying all the new things I'm doing this year with my students.

Lazy Days at the Pool

We have a community pool that my daughter and spent just about everyday at. There were some days when the temperature got above 100 and it was too hot to go! Ryleigh was able to go down the big yellow slide this year and had a blast! Reese learned to swim better and had fun jumping to me.

Painted Bedrooms

I was determined this summer to update the girls rooms and paint! My husband didn't want to paint so I told him I'd do it all. I got both rooms painted in two days! I love this color and how it makes the rooms POP! There's still some more decorating I want to do but it will probably be next summer before that gets done.

Lost Weight

I was determined to loose weight this summer and get back to the way I use to look. So by the end of the summer I actually did it! I lost 35 lbs and I've kept it off!
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My husband and I went to Cancun for a few days in July for our 8th anniversary. It was nice to get away and relax in our own private pool on our patio and read a couple books. Even though I was still on my diet I was able to eat what I wanted.

My Sweet Summer is Gone...

I had trouble sleeping so I spent many late hours cleaning the house! By time school started just about every room had been cleaned thoroughly.

It was a nice summer spent with family and relaxing.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving Break when we are taking the girls to DISNEY WORLD!