The Jungle Book By: Rudyard Kipling

The best book in the world!


Join Mowgli as he goes on a wild adventure of life. Along the way he will meet many "friends" that he will forever hold dear to his heart, all these things and more help him realize his true self

Plot Summary

The Jungle Book by: Rudyard Kipling is an inspiring classic about a young boy who has to give up his past to go back to his home. In the beginning of the book, a baby boy is ripped from his home from an evil tiger named Shere Khan. Without the help of a family of nearby wolves the young boy would’ve been eaten alive. Shere Khan was angry that his meal was stolen and promised that he would destroy the boy someday. The family of wolves took the boy in as their own and named him Mowgli. A bear named Baloo and a panther named Bagheera raised him and taught him the laws of the jungle and trained him for the day he would kill Shere Khan. After he defeats Shere Khan, Mowgli feels an emptiness in his heart. At the end of the book he realizes that what’s troubling him is the fact that he's not at his real home, so he goes back and finds his real mom. This book really teaches us that no matter where you are, home is always where the heart is.

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(doctor) Lusie Himm : The Jungle book By: Rudyard Kipling is very inspiring to anyone who reads it, I really related to it's deep meanings. When I first saw it, I thought of it as a children's book. After I read it I realized it's a very meaningful story for all ages.
(Florist) Wanda kan : The Jungle Book By: Rudyard Kipling is simply too confusing, there are to many climaxes, the book really should've ended after Mowgli defeated Shere Khan. I had no emotional attraction to this book at all.

Character Profiles

Mowgli (protagonist): Mowgli is a boy with black hair and brown eyes, later in the book when he is a man, he is very muscular and tall. He has a great personality he is, loyal, understanding, persevering, brave, and kind. In the book Mowgli is the leader of the wolf pack and destroys their worst enemy. Even though he is the leader of the jungle and his life is very well, he decides to go back to his real home to be with his mother.
Shere Khan (antagonist): Shere Khan is a tiger. He is very selfish and sneaky. In the book Shere Khan's main goal is to kill Mowgli for dinner. I feel that the main reason that's his main goal is because he feels self conscious that there is someone else in the jungle tougher than him (Mowgli).

Author's Bio

Rudyard Kipling is a writer, poet, and novelists who is known for his short stories. Some stories he has written are: The Jungle Book, Kim, and the Man who would be King. He was born on 30 December 1865 in Bombay, and he died in 1936 in Brattleboro. His parents names were John and Alice. He was married to a woman named Caroline Balestier. One award he received was a Nobel Prize in literature.


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