Articles of Confederation

By: Savanna Sprinkle

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages


- Included a unified army for the states.

- Supported the Continental direction of the Continental army.

- Congress had the ability to deal with foreign countries and authorities to declare war, make peace, alliance and sign treaties.

- Set up a legislature where each state had one vote. regardless of it's size.

- Allowed formation of new states that had a population of 60,000.

- Department of Postal Service, Foreign Affairs, and Treasury was established.


- No executive or judicial branch.

- Needed 9 out of 13 states to pass a law.

- In order to pass a law all 13 states to approve.

- No central government power.

- No power to control/ regulate trade.

- Foreign Currency between states.

- No national court system.

One reason you feel the designers created a government with a weak central government?

One reason why they created a government with a weak central government was because they were afraid. They didn't want citizens to rebel against them, just as they did in England. England taxed the citizen unfairly, so the citizens rebelled.