Things to Avoid on Email Poster

1. Don’t type very long sentences.

2. Don’t write in capital letters because the recipient might think that you are mad at them.

3.Do not use an un-meaningful subject because the recipient might not be interested.

4. Please try to avoid the words urgent or important because the recipient might think that they have to do something immediately.

5. Avoid long sentences because it makes the message messy, and it might be hard for the recipient to read.

6. Make sure to use the right spelling, grammar, punctuation because it could be bad if you’re sending it to someone important.

7. Don’t copy a message or attachment without permission because if you are not the originator you could be violating the copyright laws.

8. Don not add unnecessary files because it most likely won’t related to the message.

9. Avoid sending an email to spam because after you do it once it will happen more.

10. Don’t send an email before checking it because you might find mistakes that you made.