Brown Vs Board of Education

By Miguel Dubs

Hi, my name is Robert Carter and as I was walking to the door to leave the office I got a call from someone telling me I would be taking a case more important than any other. Once I finally got off the phone I had already missed the chance to go and see the new movie "Peter Pan'' ,so I was quite sad. Me and my kids were gonna go. Maybe my favorite song "That'll Be The Day'' on the radio at least one thing will go right.
Hound Dog (with Lyrics) - Elvis Presley
So today I finally had to take the case where that little girl had to walk nearly a mile to a school where a school is only 4 blocks away, but it was an all white school. The prosecutors and the defendants both made good points, but overall I have to agree with the prosecutors because the school is nearly a mile when she could be going to one only 4 blocks away it's just outrageous. I finally decided May 17, 1954 to allow her to go the closest one. I think a lot of people were pleased by that decision.
Brown vs Board of Education (1954)