Anne Frank


About Anne Frank

Anne Frank is a young teen who has to go into hiding due to the Nazis taking over, however she is an energetic, and optimistic, young girl so this is a struggle but she get by pretty well. She is energetic because no matter what time of day or how quiet she has to be she doesn’t like to sit still, she likes to move around and dance, sing, and talk. Like when she and Margot danced people told her to stop and chill down but she continued having fun. She is optimistic because no matter how bad things get she seems to carry on being happy. Also when Anne had met Peter they hated each other but she knew if she wanted a friend her age he could be the answer and when they were together they could see past the pain and look forward to the future like Anne wanting to be famous.

Symbol #1(A Sun)

I chose a sun because no matter how mad someone is mad at Anne for lashing out or annoying them she always seems to brighten everyone’s day with her optimism and hope. One time (page 387) in the play Anne was fighting with Mr. Van Daan and as he was talking about Anne being disciplined as a joke she mimicked what Mrs. Van Daan said earlier,” Remember, Mr. So-and-So, remember I’m a lady.” And I can just imagine people in the room controlling their laughter cause that’s a pretty good comeback. Plus, around Christmastime everyone was gloomy and remembering the past Christmases and how much joy they had felt then. But luckily Anne surprised them as she said, “Presents!” while wearing a lampshade, then she gave out sweet, sentimental presents (403-404). She just has the attitude that is sugar and spice plus, everything nice that makes people like her.

Symbol #2(A Duck)

I chose a duck as a symbol of how talkative Anne is. She on page 383 she starts to annoy people with the details of how she will keep busy even though they didn’t care what she would’ve done they just wanted her to be quiet, this is what she specifically said, “ Good evening, everyone. Forgive me if I don’t stay. I have a friend waiting for me in there. My friend Tom. Tom Cat. Some people say we look alike. But Tom has the most beautiful whiskers, and I have only a little fuzz. I am hoping……in time….” Also just a bit below that passage on page 383 Peter says, “I heard about you… how you talked so much in class they called you Mrs. Quack Quack. How Mr. Smitter made you write a composition…”’ Quack Quack,’ said Mrs. Quack Quack.” This shows she even got in trouble at school for talking and even had to write an essay cause of how talkative she was.

Theme 1: Love Is Everywhere, Even In The Darkest Of Places.

The theme of this story is love is everywhere, even in the darkest of places. I say this because throughout the story Mrs. Frank is usually infuriated with Anne but she still is fair and nice no matter how mean or rude her daughter gets. On page 423 Peter and Anne discover their love for each other and kiss. This situation is perfect because here they have to be quiet most of the day not using the toilet and all that yet they still manage to find their feelings for each other. Even in while in the first concentration camp in Holland Anne actually was happy to be outside again talking to people, being out in the sun, dancing in the fresh air she all loved. This shows that even though problems may hold you back love can take you to happiness anytime, anywhere.

Theme 2: Don't Let People Bring You Down, Fight For Your Right.

Don’t let people bring you down, fight for your right would be a great theme for this story because no matter how much they bring each other down they still fight for their opinion. My reason for thinking this is because on page 405-406 Peter had to fight with the help of Anne and Mrs. Van Daan to keep his cat when some people wanted it gone. Another reason why he got to keep it was because the more religious people of the group were sympathetic because it was Hanukah. Later in the story(page 408) after being robbed and maybe even discovered hiding Mr. Frank had to stand up to people like Mr. Van Daan in order to stay hiding instead of running somewhere else which could lead to being discovered easier. What he said to convince them was, “Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago we thought they’d come for us. We were sure it was the end. But it wasn’t the end. “That speech gave those wanting to leave hope, and courage.