Kahrizma's Kupcakes

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Here at Kahrizma's Kupcakes, we specialize in creating and serving the craziest cupcake flavors. From chocolate and vanilla to kale, mountain dew, and even hot chili pepper, we do it all!

Factors of Production

Hi! I'm Kahrizma the owner and I spend time promoting and doing all it takes to better my business! My business is a sole proprietorship, for I own it myself! My business is a family friendly place where you are guaranteed fast and friendly service!

The benefits of owning my own business is that the start up with very easy! Finding a space I loved and hiring multiple trusted employees to share my time with was a hoot! My revenue also stays with me (and my employees of course) so whatever I make, I keep! I also have full control of my business allowing me to branch out at my will.

Sadly, owning your own business doesn't always come with its perks. When all else fails it all falls on me, the owner. If we go into the debt, it's on me. If business fails, it's also on me.

If my business entered into a horizontal merger the competition would be fierce. I would have to come up with new and crazier ideas to make my shop more attractive to consumers. Price, demand, and supply could all be at jeopardy if all else fails.

If it entered into a vertical merger, I would have the possibility business failure. For example if the company i buy my flour from is purchased by a higher level competing company, receiving that good may be a challenge.