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"Improve Your Life by Improving Your Home"

Our company has the most discounts and is the most flexible with pricing!!!

Strong Tower Renovations does some of the best flooring and painting in the whole renovation industry. We always want want to work with you and the pricing. Strong Tower Renovations offers 10% discounts on remodeling of churches. Isn't that a good deal! We also offer a $100 for every customer you recommend to us. We are growing so much nowadays and have made $200,000 in a year and a half. The decision is yours, but Strong Tower Renovations can guarantee a very splendor looking remodeled house!

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Our business is a family business and that's why we are very attached to it. We participate in a lot of door hanger campaigns and also participate in community events with a Hispanic organization named Manos Abiertas. We have been very successful and have been hoping for customers.