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Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

September 6, 2013

Week One in the Books! Great Start!!!!

Thank you for a Wonderful start to the year. I really appreciate all that you did to prepare for your students as well as all of the things you do each day to make each child feel special and connected! Way to go!

Please contact me if there is anything you need.


Cell Phone: (920) 819-8416

It's Hard to know if you don't know you know?

CLICK HERE to provide me with any information you would like to know more about. From your feedback, I will either meet with you individually, as a team, or get information to the entire staff depending on the common themes.

Thought You Should Know

Sailor Behavior Expectations- Update

Golden Tickets-

Starting Monday, at the assembly, I will be "Kicking-Off" the Golden Ticket process to students. Please be sure to be on the look-out for students/classes who are modeling good behavior.

Sailor Pride Cards-

Supervisors and all Special area teachers will be given packets of positive behavior cards to hand out to individual students who are showing exceptional leadership and behaviors. A student who is given this card should present it to the teacher and CLIP UP ONE spot. As the year progresses, we will do more with these cards.

The opposite of these cards are Negative behavior stickers to let you know that the student has made some poor choices above and beyond the norm. IF given a negative sticker, the student should CLIP DOWN TWO SPOTS for choosing to

Please continue to review expectations as needed! The students are doing GREAT and it is because of the time you take. I expect slide back to happen, so when that time does arise, we will refocus on the basic expectations. Our team will be meeting soon to solidify some things and we will communicate all necessary items.

Teaching Schedules

As you "finalize" your teaching schedule, please be sure to share that with me in any fashion you find easiest (even paper). Be sure to note your I/E time. Contact me if you need to know exact dpi minutes per subject area for your grade level.

Data Day Lunch

Message from Mrs. Marto- The school bag lunches delivered in your classrooms on Monday will include a class roster form, and the students who will be taking a lunch will be highlighted in yellow. Please check off each student on the form as he/she received the bag then return the roster form with the lunchroom/playground supervisors for me to process.

Classroom Visits

Over the next few weeks, please work with Sally or Genny to schedule a 30-45 minute block of time for me to come into your classroom to: Read a book, do a "Get to know you" activity, or talk about the year. At first, I would like to do this as individual classrooms so that I can get to know them better. From there, I will do grade levels at a time to give you a block of time where you can plan together. While I am in the classroom, please use that time to take a much needed deep breath:)

Bay Harbor Student Shipmates

We will again be partnering with another class to form Shipmates. I feel VERY strongly about this being another opportunity for us to build community in our school and further the strong positive environment of the school. I have received feedback about this through listening sessions. I have a bit more questions to ask and things to understand before I put out the expectations for Shipmates. As of now, do not start anything as I am more than likely going to assign teams.

Upcoming Schedule


3rd- Best Day of the Year!!!!!!!

9th- Data Day at BH

10th- PTO meeting 6:30

11th- Bay Harbor Day

16th- PALS and MAP window opens until Oct. 11th

17th- PLCs begin

19th- Staff meeting 3:30-4:15

20th- Early Release 1:20- Read 20 shirts

Informal Leave

If you would like to take informal leave during a PREP (before school, after school or a prep period) and have a qualifying reason for doing so (per handbook**), be sure the leave is less than two hours in a day (Leave is not required during your duty-free lunch) and sign out using the form and go.

If you would like to take informal leave during a time when you have student responsibilities:

- Pre-authorization is required from Tony

- We can not pay for coverage of a class

- 2hrs or less

- Must be a qualifying reason**

**The Handbook states: Informal absences may not be used merely to shorten the work day, extend formal leave (paid or unpaid), start early or extend a holiday or vacation, to operate a personal business, to engage in recreational, entertainment, or non-district sponsored fitness activities, or to participate in outside employment. Informal absences may be used for all other reasons acceptable to the principal.

To view the form that will be used to log an Informal Leave Click Here. This will be housed on our staff website: Password: #sailorpride

Coming Soon

Here are some things that you will be updated on soon (in no order)!

  • Bay Harbor Building Goals
  • Educator Effectiveness: Personal Goal, SLO Process
  • PLC
  • SRT
  • BLT
  • Digital Transformation (PD, Information)
  • Assessment Information and Data
  • Update staff website and communicate changes for staff use
  • Crisis Plan (Lockdown, tornado, fire)
  • Committees
  • Assemblies
  • Staff Crews
  • PD: Digital Transformation, Guided Reading/Using data to inform instruction
  • Shipmates
  • WKCE

***Did you notice all of the three letter acronyms? YIKES!!!!

Bay Harbor Theme/Slogan/Motto

If you would like, CLICK HERE to add your ideas to this Google Doc.

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