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Jabber Console Layout

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Application Menus

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  • New Contact, Import Contacts, View my profile
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  • Show contact pictures, Show offline contacts, Show docked window, Position docked window, Sort contacts by, Show label, Show accessible presence icons

Application Tabs

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Contacts: Provides the user with a list of contacts that have been saved by the application user.
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Chats: Using the chat feature, you can instant message with an individual colleague or a group of colleagues.
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Calls: Provides the application user with a list of previously missed, received and placed calls.
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Meetings: Provides the application user with a list of user meetings that have been synced with the same user's Microsoft Outlook application.
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Voicemail: Provides the application user with a visual representation of available voicemail messages and available audio for the user to hear the messages.

Adding a Contact

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Users can bring contacts from their organization's Exchange list by clicking on the settings icon, click "Import Contacts" and select the contacts file.
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To add a contact, search for the user first or last name

  • As the user begins typing in the search bar, related contacts will begin to appear
  • If multiple contacts appear with the same name, the user can right click on the contacts to view profile and verify correct contact.
  • Click the add button (circled) button when the correct contact is found.
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Select the "New Group" button to create a new group on the fly or select a group that the user has already created from the drop down menu. Once the correct contact and appropriate group selected, select the "Add" button to complete the addition of the contact.

Defined User Status

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  • Under the user's name is a text-based defined status
  • There are preset status updates that are preinstalled in the application
  • Users can click the down arrow to view all available statuses
  • Status will sync with meetings and show "In a Meeting" when a user meeting is in progress

Contact Status

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The user of Jabber and the contacts for the user will always have a colored icon next to their name. The color icons help users to be aware of the contact's current status.

  • Green indicates a user is available
  • A mobile icon indicates the user is using the mobile app
  • Yellow indicates a user is away
  • "On a call" will display if the user is on the phone
  • Grey indicates the user is not logged in to Jabber at the moment

Calling Controls

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  • To make a call, hover the cursor over a contact so the options are displayed. Click on the green phone receiver.
  • Once a phone number has been selected, Jabber will begin the call and a call window (shown below) will appear.
  • The user will have call controls such as: full screen, view swap, dial pad, mute, options and end call
  • When a phone call begins, it is defaulted to speakerphone on the actual desk phone.
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Incoming Calls

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  • When the user receives a call, an "Incoming call" window will appear
  • The user will have three options: "Answer", "Chat Reply" or "Decline"
  • Selecting "Answer" will connect the call for the user
  • "Chat Reply" allows a user who may be unavailable to respond to a call with a chat message
  • Selecting "Decline" will send the incoming call to the next call point or voicemail

Phone Controls

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  • Click the drop down arrow beside "Phone Mode"
  • Jabber is set to default to "Use my phone for calls"
  • In order to use computer for calls, a mic and speakers will need to be available and also an additional phone profile created.
  • Jabber offers a quick way for call forwarding; allowing calls to be forwarded to another number or to the user's voicemail

Jabber Chat

  • When a user double clicks on a contact, selects the circled option for chat or receives a new chat message, a chat window will appear.
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  • The chat feature works like most instant messaging application, allows users to have ongoing chat conversations with multiple people
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  • At the top of the application there are collaboration controls allowing the user to begin screen sharing or begin a phone call.
  • At the bottom, the user has the options to add screen captures, attachments, emoticon, edit the font, add participant or show in a new chat window.

Options Menu

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  • Before using the Jabber application, it is important for the user to go through the "Options" menu and set important settings
  • Currently, "Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts" is set as the default
  • The user can set preferences for sounds, automatic status updates and other features
  • Under "Integration", the user can select what calendar to integrate with. GCCISD uses Microsoft Outlook

Appearance Option

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  • If you prefer the old look of Jabber prior to the update to 12.8, there is an option to go with the Classic layout.

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