Come Doodle TODAY @Agora Stage

Help support.

Today, artistic education is very important to our development as creative individuals. Unfortunately, in today’s world of high stakes testing art is in danger of being pushed aside as a non-essential subject. School administrators are faced with tough decisions when it comes to making budget cuts. Often, the art department is first to suffer from those cuts. So, today, we express our artistic ability. Come support the arts, and help prove that art is alive.

We will be at Agora Stage, with markers, and a lot of paper. Come out and doodle with us!

Art is Alive

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 at 10am-2pm

Cal State University East Bay, Hayward

We are Alpha Kappa Omega

A Greek organization, dedicated to the development of self through Strength, Loyalty, Pride, Wisdom, and Courage. We are here to support the arts, and raise awareness for our artistic community.